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Hint: Barbell and dumbbell exercises use the movement path of your body, while machine exercises follow the movement path of the machine. Don't use exercises, that cause pain or any discomfort, because that can be a signal that the exercise is not effective or productive.

M Pectoralis & Coracobrachialis
O Deltoideus & Trapezius N Triceps & Anconeus
01 Bench Press 01 Standing Barbell Press 01 Lying Dumbbell Extension
02 Incline Barbell Press 02 Standing Dumbbell Press 02 Lying EZ Curl Bar Extension
03 Decline Barbell Press 03 Behind The Neck Barbell Press
03 Low Machine Extension
04 Flat Dumbbell Press 04 Alternated Front Dumbbell Raise 04 High Machine Extension
05 Incline Dumbbell Press 05 Lateral Dumbbell Raise 05 Machine Dip
06 Decline Dumbbell Press 06 Bent Over Lateral Dumbbell Raise 06 Close Grip Bench Press
07 Dumbbell Fly 07 Front Cable Raise 07 Cable Straight Bar Pushdown
08 Incline Dumbbell Fly 08 Lateral Cable Raise 08 Cable ^ Bar Pushdown
09 Decline Dumbbell Fly 09 Bent Over Lateral Cable Raise
09 Cable Rope Pushdown
10 Flat Cable Fly 10 Cable Face Pull 10 One Arm Cable Handle Pushdown
11 Incline Cable Fly 11 Smith Machine Press 11 Reverse Grip Cable Bar Pushdown
12 Decline Cable Fly 12 Machine Shoulder Press 12 Barbell Kickback
13 Pec Deck Squeeze 13 Machine Lateral Raise 13 EZ Curl Bar Kickback
14 Machine Fly 14 Reverse Machine Fly
14 Dumbbell Kickback
15 Standing Cable Fly 15 Barbell Shrug 15 One Arm Cable Kickback
Hammer Strength Seated Bench Press 16  Dumbbell Shrug 16  French Press
Hammer Strength Seated Incline Press 17 Machine Shrug 17  One Arm Dumbbell Extension
18 Hammer Strength Lying Bench Press 18
Barbell Upright Row 18  Seated Two Arm One Dumbbell Extension
Machine Seated Bench Press 19
Dumbbell Upright Row 19 Low Cable Rope Overhead Extension
Machine Lying Bench Press 20
Cable Upright Row 20 High Cable Rope Overhead Extension
W Latissimus & Erectors Spine E Biceps & Brachialis D Abdominals & Obliquus
01 Wide Grip Pulldown
01 Barbell Curl 01 Machine Crunch
02 V-Bar Pulldown 02 EZ Curl Bar Curl 02 Cable Crunch
03 Underhand Close Grip Pulldown 03 Reverse EZ Curl Bar Curl 03 Lying Cable Knee In
04 Barbell Row 04 Seated Dumbbell Curl 04 Lying Cable Leg Raise
05 T-Bar Row 05 Alternated Dumbbell Curl
05 Dumbbell Side Bend
06 One Arm Dumbbell Row 06 Seated Hammer Curl 06 Cable Side Bend
07 Low Cable Row 07 Incline Dumbbell Curl 07
Barbell Bent Over Twist
08 One Arm Cable Row 08 Concentration Curl 08 Seated Barbell Twist
09 Machine Pullover 09 Zotmann Curl 09 Machine Rotation
10 Barbell Pullover 10 Spider Curl 10 Trunk Rotation
11 Dumbbell Pullover 11 Cable Bar Curl 11 Sit Up
12 Straight Arm Pullover 12 One Arm Cable Curl 12 Roman Chair Sit Up
13 Hammer Strength Wide Pulldown 13 Overhead Cable Curl 13 Hanging Sit Up
14 Hammer Strength Pulldown 14 Lying High Cable Curl 14 Crunch
15 Hammer Strength Row 15 Preacher EZ Curl Bar Curl 15 Exercise Ball Crunch
16 Hammer Strength Low Row 16 Preacher Dumbbell Curl 16 Reverse Crunch
17 Cybex Machine Row 17
Preacher Cable Curl 17
Lying Knee In
18 Technogym Upper Back Machine
Preacher Machine Curl 18
Hanging Knee In
19 Technogym Vertical Traction Machine
19 Low Machine Curl 19 Lying Leg Raise
20 Technogym Lower Back Machine
High Machine Curl 20
Hanging Leg Raise
Quadriceps & Glutes R Hamstrings & Glutes
I Calves & Forearms
01 Squat 01 Seated Leg Curl 01 Standing Calf Raise
02 Front Squat 02 Lying Leg Curl 02 Seated Calf Raise
03 Hack Squat 03 Standing Leg Curl 03 Calf Extension
04 Leg Press 04 Romanian Deadlift 04 Standing Barbell Calf Raise
05 Leg Extension 05 Stiff Legs Deadlift 05 Seated Barbell Calf Raise
06 Lunge 06 Weighted Hyperextension 06 Standing Barbell Toe Raise
07 Back Squat 07 Good Morning 07 Seated Barbell Toe Raise
08 Jefferson Squat 08 Deadlift 08
Barbell Wrist Curl
Zercher Squat 09 Sumo Deadlift 09
Barbell Wrist Curl Behind Back
10 Bulgarian Split Squat
10 Machine Glute Kickback
Reverse Barbell Wrist Curl

Exercises: inhale when lowering the weight, exhale when raising the weight. Use continuous tension and add weight system with 100, 40, 30, 20, 15, 12 reps. There should be at least 48-72 hours rest for each musclegroup between two workouts. Do not exercise when you have an injury!
Magic Schedule: 2-3 times per week train the same muscle group, 2-3 exercises for the same muscle group and 2-3 sets per exercise for the same muscle group. Except the number of repetitions (=reps) should be 10 per set (=a number of repetitions) for maximum muscle grow, not strength.
Disclaimer: muscles and tendons are very susceptible to injuries due to bodybuilding exercises and I herewith state, that I am not responsable for injuries. You should take in account lower back pain and risk of lumbar disc herniation, abdominal rupture and groin rupture when bodybuilding!
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